Changing Policy

Now that you know we’re well underway with the technological and financial innovations we need to solve the climate crisis, let’s talk political will. Despite the fact that climate solutions that already exist, we have to couple these solutions with public demand and political will to act on them.

Political Will for Climate Policy

Remember when the Trump Administration began the process to formally withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement? A group of two dozen state governors––representing nearly half of the U.S. population––stepped in to pledge their continued commitment to the Agreement. That’s political will.

How is POW ensuring that politicians are taking climate change as seriously as the outdoor community? By reaching out and showing up to chat with them.

Check out what we accomplished in 2019 just by holding conversations between the outdoor community and our elected officials.

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Fired up? Take action now

When we create swells of popular pressure, we can affect policy. And it’s working—but we need more passionate outdoor people to use their voice and help create climate victories where they’re needed most.