Changing Attitudes

Think about how preposterous it would be to start climbing without checking in with your belayer, skiing a steep couloir without researching avalanche conditions or hucking your bike off a drop without scoping the landing. We think it’s just as absurd to be a member of the outdoor community and not be a climate advocate.

A Cultural Shift

POW is working to reshape the norms and the conversations we’re having about the climate crisis to bring the outdoor community––a community that will be deeply impacted by climate change––into the movement and into climate conversations.

We’re creating resilience by partnering with brands who have put climate at the forefront of their business models, building an alliance of athletes who know not acting on climate isn’t an option and bringing together a community of outdoor enthusiasts who can’t fathom living in a world without their great escapes.

Fired up? Take action now

When we create swells of popular pressure, we can affect policy. And it’s working—but we need more passionate outdoor people to use their voice and help create climate victories where they’re needed most.