The Dirt On Primaries

2018 is an important year in American politics. The outcomes of the midterm elections, taking place next November, will have a lasting impact on our entire country. Across a whole host of issues, there is a lot at stake. The current administration’s agenda, which party controls the house and the senate, and even our country’s commitment to addressing climate change, all hang in the balance. Civic engagement next November is critically important for all of us.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, we have to concentrate on the primaries.

While November’s midterms receive the lion’s share of our collective attention, it’s equally as important that voters engage in the primaries. The primaries provide every voter an opportunity to have a say in who makes it onto the ballot come November. If you’ve ever been disappointed by the selection of candidates to choose from on your ballot in the general election, now is your chance  to have a say in the matter.

While some states have already held their primaries, most states will be holding this first round of elections in the coming weeks. And since we know that you’re keen to be involved, we’ve made it easy for you by including a list of primary dates and voting information by state below.

Need to register to vote or update your registration after a move? We’ve made that easy too: click here or text POW2018 to 52886.

See you at the polls!