Solutions Series Vol. 1

Because we could all use a little more good news


1. Money Talks:

“Investors who continue to finance new coal projects need to be asking themselves an important question; which is going to end up being burnt first – their coal, or their money?”

Companies are yielding to investor demands on climate change (especially when those investors manage $32 trillion) and investors are demanding companies show climate risks with a record of 75+ climate-related shareholder proposals at coming annual meetings this year.

2. Microgrids, Macro Solutions

Microgrids are a fascinating, growing trend in clean energy technology.

Check out this town in California using clean energy microgrids to help protect its communities from wildfire impact. Or this other California tribal community using microgrids to save $200,000 a year and put clean energy back into the larger grid system.

And how do you make these microgrids even more efficient? Energy storage. We’re growing beyond lithium-ion batteries into new technologies. Check out the latest in the energy storage revolution.

3. 2020: The Year of Climate Elections

While the Green New Deal didn’t make it through the Senate, the positive outcome was that we spent more time than ever before discussing climate change on the Senate floor. And the 2020 elections are quickly becoming a landscape for climate discussions.

But climate change isn’t just becoming a big issue in the 2020 elections, it’s becoming the top issue.

Even the midwest is putting pressure on potential presidential candidates to make it a priority concern.

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