Rossignol Re-ups Support for POW at 10-Year Anniversary

Being a climate change activist hasn’t been easy, and still isn’t. That’s why brands like Rossignol who have supported POW from the beginning mean so much. As one of Jeremy Jones’ primary sponsors in 2007—when POW was just getting off the ground—Rossignol hopped on board right away. Ten years later, Rossignol is renewing its support for POW, which is exactly what will strengthen the movement going forward.

We chatted with Nick Castagnoli, Brand and Communications Manager for Rossignol Group North America, to find out what it’s like to work against climate change from the inside of the snow sports industry, and why it’s so important to support POW’s mission.

What is the driving force behind Rossignol’s re-commitment to POW?

Our business is intrinsically linked with snow, so shifts in climate that would result in shorter, drier winters have a tremendous impact on our global business. Just because we had an amazing winter in the western US last year doesn’t mean we don’t still feel the impact of the warmer winters in other parts of the country or Europe.

How has the Rossignol organization evolved as the snowsports industry witnesses the effects of climate change first hand?

Each of us who have committed our lives and livelihoods to snow are essentially at the mercy of the weather and climate. For lack of a better analogy – we are ‘snow farmers’ – and when there is no crop to harvest, we all feel the pinch. It simply isn’t enough to offer support to a group like POW and not attempt to ‘walk the walk’ as best we can. So for the past few years, we’ve been busy behind the scenes committing substantial energy and resources to reducing our own impact in-house, while continuing to drive innovation, and maintain and grow market share. It’s not an easy task. But now, at the ten-year mark, it really felt like an appropriate time to re-engage with POW and do what we can to amplify our collective voice.

Photo: Andrew Miller

As a global brand, how else does Rossignol contribute its voice to the climate change discussion?

Our CEO, Bruno Cercley, was a panelist at the World Climate Summit two years ago in Paris. Our group is also an official member in the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative and call-to-action for companies to align their strategies and operations in order to actively address any environmental risks and opportunities.

With a Utah-based North American headquarters, how do you act locally?

Locally, we continue to support the prevention of energy waste and pollution and the proliferation of renewable energy through our continued support of Utah Clean Energy. Since writing the initial check to POW a decade ago, our group has quietly been committing resources to update and modernize manufacturing capabilities and operations to minimize our environmental impact as best we can.

How does a partnership with POW align with Rossignol and its brand mission?

Rossignol was born in the French Alps. Mountain culture, winter, snow—that stuff pumps through our veins. It’s in our DNA and part of our identity. That means we need to come to the table and help fight for winter in whatever ways a brand like ours can. Snow is a critical component of our brand promise of enjoying “Another Best Day.” Through our partnership with POW, we hope to be able to contribute in a way that will ensure “Another Best Day” for generations to come.

How do you think we can grow the conversation and movement around climate change?

When you have a passion for the mountains and snow, or simply a passion for the outdoors, this fight starts becoming a lot more personal. You’ve instantly got a little more skin in the game. I think for the type of changes we’ll need to make in the coming years if we want to continue enjoying all winter and the great outdoors has to offer, having a little more skin in the game is a good thing.

If your company is interested in joining the fight against climate change, please consider joining Protect Our Winters. Learn more about our business and corporate partnership program.