Ultrarunner Peyton Thomas

Peyton Thomas

Trail Runner

Peyton Thomas is an endurance runner living in Wilmington, North Carolina. She’s always had a love for trail running and hopes to pursue it fully in the near future. She ran her first ultramarathon in 2018 and her first marathon in 2019, qualifying her for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. She has always had an appreciation for nature and aspires to blend her love for it through environmental and climate activism and running. As a kid, she’d wander off into creeks and woods to find critters and not much has changed since then! She loves venturing out to new places and learning more about the interconnections within environments to create the spaces we see today. She is currently a Biology and Marine Biology Ph.D. student studying the effects of chronic and variable environmental conditions (namely temperature and oxygen availability) on several marine species.


North Carolina, USA

"I want to bridge my love for running and adventure in nature with my passion for environmental conservation and activism. I believe POW is the perfect organization for me to get involved with to share the impacts of climate change on the sport of running and our collective privileges to recreate outdoors. I want to share with the people the power of their voices in holding government officials and representatives accountable for protecting us and our environment."

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