Meagan Martin

Professional Climber

Meagan Martin is a professional rock climber, ESPN commentator, model, star of American Ninja Warrior, and a former Division I Pole Vaulter at Vanderbilt University who currently lives in Sacramento, CA. It was by chance that Meagan found climbing, growing up in Lake Mary, Florida, back in 2001. Meagan started out in the JCCA, which later would become what USA Climbing is today. Meagan competed for four years Nationally and Internationally, making the US Team every year. At the age of twelve she began entering in professional bouldering competitions like the Ford Adventure Sport Challenge that she won in 2003 and PCA competitions. In 2005 she decided to take about a seven-year hiatus from climbing to focus on Pole Vaulting. Upon her return to climbing, she jumped right back into the competition scene and traveled all around the world from 2012-2018 competing at USA Climbing competitions and for Team USA at IFSC competitions. In the last four years, Meagan began to shift her focus into the broadcasting realm and is the color commentator for all ESPN and USA Climbing events. In 2021 Meagan had the opportunity to commentate for NBC for Sport Climbing’s debut at the 2020 Olympics. As an elite athlete and a former USA Climbing certified coach, Meagan has made it a priority to be a good role model for the youth. She believes that athletics has played a considerable role in shaping her into the person she is today and wants to share her knowledge with everyone she can. Climbing has forever changed her life, and she hopes that so many other people get the chance to experience what it is that is so special about this sport.


Sacramento, CA

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