Marketa McGuire

Hydrologic Civil Engineering

Marketa (she/her/hers) is a hydrologic civil engineer with the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation, where she supports a variety of water resources modeling studies across the West, with the goal of improving river and reservoir operations and planning. One of her areas of expertise is bringing the latest data and scientific tools to understand how snowpack and water resources may be impacted by a changing climate. In addition, she works with teams – including federal, state, and local agencies, native tribes, and stakeholder groups – to communicate climate change impacts and to develop strategies for managed river systems to adapt to potential changes.

Her work stems from her passions for nature, science, and community service. Her love for snow and skiing motivated her to move from upstate New York to Colorado to pursue her undergraduate degree in civil engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. There, she first learned about water resources management in the West and the challenges of climate change to our natural and managed environments. She spent many days on hut-to-hut ski trips, and ski resort slopes, thinking about the importance and dynamics of winter snowpack in the Rocky Mountains. She went on to pursue research at the University of Washington in hydrologic modeling and climate change impacts on water management. Her research to explore use of remotely-sensed snow products to improve reservoir management in the Snake River basin was awarded the Outstanding Research Paper award from ASCE’s Journal of Water Resources and Management. With the University of Washington’s Climate Impacts Group, she led the first climate change impacts assessment for Washington State. Marketa is always looking for adventures in nature and shares her passions with her two sons.


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