Dr Charles Post

Charles Post


Charles Post is a Montana-based ecologist, creative and ecological brand consultant, co-founder of The Nature Project (501c3) and a National Fellow at The Explorers Club. His academic and field experience stemmed from a baccalaureate and graduate school career at U.C. Berkeley while mentored by evolutionary ecologist, Dr. Stephanie Carlson, and later by the esteemed food web ecologist, Dr. Mary Power. Charles has participated in research projects spanning a diversity of vertebrate and invertebrate groups across North America from songbirds and salmonids to mayflies and stream-dwelling amphibians. After completing his graduate work on the ecology of the American dipper (Cinclus mexicanus), Charles Post focused on developing connections between science, ecology and the general public. Through creative outlets like film and writing, and consulting positions in the outdoor and technology space, Charles continues to pursue opportunities with the potential to help save our home planet.


Montana, USA

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