Trump’s Biggest Action Against Climate Change Yet

We’ve been hearing rumors for awhile, but it’s official. Today, Trump signed the so-called “Energy Independence” Executive Order, rolling back the incredible progress our nation has made on addressing climate change in the last decade.


Fired up? Wondering what you can do? We’re here to help you take action:



Just because Trump is trying to kill the Clean Power Plan, it doesn’t mean states can’t move forward with limiting emissions from fossil fuel fired power plants. Ask your governor to forge ahead regardless of what our president does, and to move our country forwards, not backwards. We’ve made it easy for you: call 844-311-0175 to make the call or click here to get started!



Trump can’t singlehandedly kill the Clean Power Plan (or any agency rule). As president, he has to direct the EPA to reconsider the rule. When the EPA does this, they will have to prove that they have reason to change the Plan (read: they have to prove it’s not just politics, but that there is new information or evidence requiring change). When they do this, there will be opportunity to comment. We’ll need you here, and we’ll keep you posted– just sign up for our email list.



We need your support. With our athletes, partners, and members (like you!), we are positioned to fight back on this Executive Order. Can you help us today by making a donation? Whether you want to raise your current commitment or make your first donation to POW, we need your help!


If you’re wondering what’s on the chopping block, here’s what we know:


  • Clean Power Plan: Trump is directing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to revisit the Plan and get rid of it by showing that it kills too many (coal) jobs.
  • Social Cost of Carbon: In every decision the government makes, they utilize the ‘social cost of carbon’– one that accounts for the economic harm of carbon dioxide–and Trump wants this to be lowered if not eliminated.
  • Climate Guidance under the National Environmental Policy Act: Agencies have to consider the impacts of climate change when doing environmental assessments for their projects– Trump doesn’t want them to.
  • Coal Leasing on Federal Lands: Secretary Jewell placed a moratorium on leasing coal from our public lands to reconsider outdated costs (as our country was basically giving away cheap coal to corporations), Trump wants to open federal lands back up for cheap coal mining.
  • Fracking: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has a rule controlling hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, on our federal lands, Trump wants that regulation gone, too.
  • Methane: Both the BLM and the EPA have rules limiting methane emissions from oil and gas production, as methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Trump wants these reevaluated (and likely removed).
  • Repealing multiple Obama-era climate rules like cutting emissions and investing in adaptation.