It’s Time To Get Off the Sidelines

This year has been revealing. Through countless climate change-influenced catastrophes from prolonged droughts, to intense hurricanes, to widespread wildfires, the current administration seems content in walking back policies aimed to curb the dangerous and scientifically-supported trajectory of our global climate. There are many current elected officials who clearly do not stand with the beliefs of a majority of Americans on climate change and the need for action.

POW PSA 2017 from protect our winters on Vimeo.

Yet we hold the key to changing that. In a democratically elected society, the voice and votes of the people steer the government, a fact that remains true despite the heaps of cash outside interests pour on officials and the helplessness social media and the 24-hour news networks project to average citizens.

Next year is a midterm election year. Historically, midterms experience low voter turnout, especially from younger generations, and as a result, long-standing incumbents go unchallenged. Without the hype of a presidential race, midterms tend to skip by with only cursory mention on a national stage. For climate policy to change however, this trend of inaction needs to end. The entire POW community needs to stand together and make climate a keystone issue of every election at every level of government. Most importantly we need to get out and vote. Another midterm with metrics like these will only benefit the current trajectory of a government insistent pushing climate damaging policy  

Voter turnout at the 2014 Midterm election.

This year will be a huge year for climate policy and action. This midterm election will either begin the swing toward pro-climate policy in America, or solidify another several years of stagnation or worse, backtracking. POW is committed to providing support, tools, and inspiration to get people out and involved with the political process and climate policy. We can no longer stand by. It’s time to get off the sidelines.

Join us. We will be creating and distributing actionable information and tools that will help you get involved.