We’re thrilled that you’re interested in hosting your own event in conjunction with Protect Our Winters! We’re working on separate toolkits for a wide variety of events. For now, we’ve compiled a few film screening toolkits to help you host your own party. We hope you have a blast while learning more about protecting our outdoor landscapes from climate change and promoting Protect Our Winters throughout your local community. 

Here are a few steps to host your event:

  1. Choose which film(s) you want to screen.
  2. Review the screening kits below
  3. Enjoy the film(s)!


Runtime: 18:45

Starting at the top of the Continental Divide in the US, Drop follows the westward path of a single drop of water until, around 1,500 winding miles later, it spills into the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, we meet the men and women who live, work and play on these rivers—people who work tirelessly to ensure that these waters, and all they support, are healthy. Through this dedication, hard work and passion, Drop illustrates how the water connects us all.

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Purple Mountains

Runtime: 53:02

Professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones has watched winters change drastically during his 45 years spent in the mountains. More extreme weather, fewer snow days, and economic strain on mountain towns. And yet, climate change remains a divisive issue. In the new film Purple Mountains, Jeremy seeks common ground in the heart of America’s purple states, having honest discussions with individuals who don’t see eye to eye with him.

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An Imperfect Advocate

Runtime: 20:57

In the rarified air of the world’s wildest mountains, alpinist Graham Zimmerman has seen firsthand the effects of human-driven climate change on the world.  As his eyes have been opened to the irreversible damage that humans are doing to the planet, he has been forced to acknowledge that he is complicit in destroying these places that he loves​. Despite his own carbon footprint, Graham decides that he must take action and joins Protect Our Winters in the fight against Climate Change.

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Runtime: 9:42

Usufruct is a short film about three friends on an atypical bikepacking trip near Durango, Colorado. Instead of planning a route with the best riding or most scenic vistas, they opt to ride through burn zones and beetle kill areas, diving into the impact and implications that climate change is having on their home trails. 

Their goal is to learn what they can do–and what we all can do– to start to change the tide. 

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Spirit of the Peaks

Runtime: 40:30

“Spirit of the Peaks” is a film about the struggle for balance between two worlds. For Hunkpapa Lakota skier Connor Ryan, skiing in Ute Territory has always raised questions about being in reciprocity with the land and its people. As a skier who connects with the land through sport, he empathizes with the injustices that have displaced the Utes and ongoing colonization, erasure and extraction impacting the Ute people. 

This story connects conflicted pasts to an awakening in cultural awareness that can create an equitable future for Indigenous people and skiers. The film was produced in partnership with REI Co-op Studios, Wondercamp and NativesOutdoors with additional support from Salomon, Peak Design and Protect Our Winters.

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Sam & Me

Runtime: 30:00

At 13 years old, Sam was in a dark place. His climate anxiety was so bad he was having trouble sleeping at night. In an attempt to ease his stress, Sam writes to pro skier and climate advocate Mike Douglas asking for advice. 

Seeing some of his own young self in Sam, Mike invites him on a weekly ski meet-up to talk about climate, skiing and life. In the process the duo share some epic ski days, and  an inspirational message that can help others jumpstart their own personal climate advocacy journeys. 

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