Benny Lieber


Designer, writer, alpinist. In 2016, Benny radically redesigned his life, throwing away sketchpads and sticky notes to begin prototyping a greater design project: a life in the Alpine.

Surely this came at a worthwhile cost. Moving from the comfort of an apartment in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia to an old rusty trailer at the foot of Mt. Rainier, trading in dress shirts and slick shoes for wool tops and mountain boots: the contrast was stark.

Since then, Benny has lived adventure to its fullest both personally and as a guide. Living in a trailer, a canvas tent in Alaska, and a station wagon everywhere else, sleeping bags and backpacks are now a way of life. With an emphasis on exploration and new routes in Alaska, climbing has brought him from the crevassed slopes of the Cascades to New Zealand’s Southern Alps, the Nepali Himalaya, and the French Alps. Alaska has become home much of the year – with the exception of winter escapes to the frozen waterfalls of New Hampshire and Montana.

As a young child, Benny’s heroes were explorers: Bradford Washburn, Ernest Shackleton, Sir Edmund Hillary. The reconnection to this passion in 2016 is now blooming now with the Alaska Wilderness Project, which Benny staged for his own vision in Alaska. With a background in Product Design & Service Design, paired with a passion for literature and history, Benny combines his alpine adventures with design skills to engage in wilderness exploration, rich storytelling, and product development.



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